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JAVIER SANZ 2015, D.O. Rueda, (Verdejo Grape). 92Penin.

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  • Javier Sanz is one of the most recognized viticulturist in Rueda. His verdejo is a flagship of the region and this "Spanish sauvignon blanc" truly reflects the freshness and complexity of the wines from this region.
Region: Spain , Rueda.
Variety/Blend: 100% Verdejo. Vineyard. Villa Narcisa, a 40+ year-old vineyard
Food Pairing: Fish , Poultry
Alcohol: 13%
Awards & Recognitions:

92 Penin Guide 2017

Winemakers Notes:

This plot is planted in bush vines. This method effectively keeps grapes near the ground, allowing them to ripen at night due to the heat retention of the soil and protecting them from the excess of heat and sunlight during the day. These vines are resistant to weather and disease but are labour intensive to harvest.
Continental weather is characterized by wide diurnal swings which make high daytime temperatures tumble up to 20 degrees at night. Additionally, very cold winters together with rains in spring and autumn help reaching the characteristic acidity Verdejo is known for.
Grapes are hand-harvested and crushed. Then, the skins are left for a few hours to soak at a low temperature. Pressing. The juice is then settled for one day. Once clear, fermentation takes place in stainless steel vats at a temperature below 15oC, using natural yeast. The low temperature allows for a slow fermentation that helps preserving as many fruity aromas as possible. With aging on its fine lees, during at least 3 months before going to market.
Tasting notes
Javier Sanz Verdejo is the best expression of Rueda and its terroir: Youthful and bright, with light shades of green. In the nose, its shows fresh and lively varietal notes of sweet grapefruit, combined with mineral, anise and fennel as well as floral aromas. Bone-dry in the palate, its medium body is coupled with a crisp, refreshing acidity that make it perfect to drink at all times.
Serving recommendations
We recommend to serve it chilled (6-8oC). Enjoy on its own or with seafood, grilled fish, ceviche, sashimi, etc. It will suit any type of delicate flavours and lightly seasoned white fish.

Painstaking work is done in the vineyards to ensure the best quality grapes, and, faithful to Javier Sanz Viticultor’s philosophy; to intervene as little as possible in the winemaking process.

Javier Sanz Viticultor owns 104 hectares of vineyards. This allows the growth and development of each and every vine to be closely monitored.
Our treasure

These vineyards are home to viticultural treasures such as the pre-phylloxera vineyard of El Pago de Saltamontes.

We believe in the land. We engage in sustainable winemaking and carry the Rueda Denomination of Origin.

The vines grow well due to three elements: the soil (gravelly pebbles); the continental climate (with a large diurnal temperature range and low humidity), and the Verdejo grape variety (with great personality, making it perfect for winemaking).

A viticultural process that values quality over quantity thanks to the exhaustive monitoring of the health and vigour of the vineyards.

Javier Sanz’s vineyards are laid out in a mosaic of plots, farms and small vineyards, all within the Valladolid municipality of La Seca.

Their freshness, complexity and balance are the result of the personality of a territory, a cellar and a tradition.

We are the fourth generation of winemakers who have carried on the tradition for over 150 years.

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